Three Sillies and a Serious||Arlington, MA Family Photography

I've now photographed this family more times than I can count! I love how silly mom and dad are - they rival older sis M for their antics, and little sister E is the odd one out by taking our photo sessions *oh-so-seriously*! (Although a few hard-to-capture smiles can be seen below!)arlington_ma_family_photography-01Smiles while snuggling momma or tickling daddy? No problem! arlington_ma_family_photography-02

Photographing her smiling when she's alone in the frame? See the record-breaking capture below! (With all us grownups trying our hardest to be hilarious!)

arlington_ma_family_photography-03Now Miss M, seen below, is frequently goofing about, but I love this candid photo of her exploring....


M's smile is big and bright below, and sister "snuggles" (strangles!) along with more goofy parental antics ensured some great giggles. arlington_ma_family_photography-05I wasn't going to share the photos below, because they are clearly intended to be for holiday cards, but then I realized that hoarding them did nothing to help me convey how truly fun loving this family is... (with some classic grump faces from Miss E!) Loving our sessions, you four - so excited to keep capturing your fun for years to come!  arlington_ma_family_photography-06What's the personality make-up of your family? Want to get it all captured in gorgeous artsy photos to enjoy long after the littles need silly faces to help them smile in photos?  A simple little inquiry is all it takes!  Don't have enough free hands to type? You can call me..... 617-480-0387. As my 5 year old says, easy-peasy-ice-cream-squeezy!

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