The Magical Growth of the First Year||Boston Newborn and Family Photography

Us humans are pretty amazing creatures! One of the many things I get reminded of time and again through my work.  Below left, Ethan & Noah, sleepily starting life outside the womb. And below right? A little over a year later, in all their curious, exploring, smiley, toothy glory!first-year-photo-package-01Watching their relationship to each other is such a fascinating treat.... I love their puff sharing/dropping/consuming antics below (definitely the snacks were a great motivator to keep them semi-still for a moment!) boston-family-photography-01 Here's the dashing Ethan, smiley as can And Noah, enjoying a balmy December day, showing off an amazingly sweet little Despite the chaos that comes with identical twins, their Mommy & Daddy keep lots of joy at the forefront, laughing about much of their currently very hectic life.

boston-family-photography-05It has been such a pleasure capturing this first year for your family - I adore you four, and hope to be on hand for so many more future moments of cuteness and adventure. first-year-photo-package-03Love,


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