Baby Thomas||Arlington, MA Newborn and Family Lifestyle Photography

Sweet baby Thomas, expressive little one, has arrived to join a very exuberant and impish big sister!Arlington-ma-lifestyle-photography-01

Thomas' big sister, Madeline, (who was one of my early Willow Babies!) is quite expressive herself, as you'll see below. I can easily imagine the many homemade skits their parents will be treated to in years to come.Arlington-ma-lifestyle-photography-04Madeline was happy to let the spotlight highlight how sweet and snuggly a big sister she is! Arlington-ma-lifestyle-photography-02And of course, as older sibs are wont to do, she stole the show a bit.....Arlington-ma-lifestyle-photography-05But really, Thomas didn't mind.  He snoozed through most of it.Arlington-ma-lifestyle-photography-03Rockstar Momma, hands full of cute and wildness, moved through the session with so much humor and acceptance of the chaos. Daddy, too, had plenty of grins to share with the littles.

Impressive amounts of smiles, especially given the lack of parent sleep!!!

Arlington-ma-lifestyle-photography-06This is a family that knows finding laughter in the hard, hard job of parenting two littles is the way to go - I love it!!!Arlington-ma-lifestyle-photography-08And when one is just too tired out for laughter, there is always the possibility of amazing light fixtures to, (oye, I'm going to do it...... don't say I didn't warn you about the upcoming cheesy pun!) brighten one's day!! (groan).Arlington-ma-lifestyle-photography-07

I had so much fun with you four, and I'm super happy I had the chance to capture Thomas' arrival into your awesome family!



Postscript for my dear readers:

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