6 Month Old Eloise||Waltham, MA Baby Photography

Guess what's below?  It's the (very) belated blog post of the (very) amazingly, ridiculously cute Eloise! Waltham-baby-photography-01Look at this perfect, sassy little face!  So! Much! Adorable! I know there are a plethora of words that could be said about this sweetie pie, but.... I falter with the words every time I look at her photos... for instance..... waltham-baby-photography-04

...and then there's this..... similar, but both expressions both so adorable. 

I mean, it's actually a problem - Ellie's mom really had an almost impossible time choosing favorites (end result - she didn't really choose and instead, has them all to enjoy!)

Speaking of Ellie's momma, here she is, snuggling up with her sweet little one. I love seeing Ellie's chubby little fingers grabbing her momma's cheeks, her little mouth so very close to nibbling momma's nose.... waltham-baby-photography-05

Below, Ellie is psyched by the kisses when she is the center of attention, and classically less enthused when her mommy and daddy turn the focus towards one another :-) waltham-baby-photography-06

One last bit o'cute for you - if you can stand it. Ready?waltham-baby-photography-08

As this post is up belatedly, you, dear reader, only have a few months to wait till Ellie's one year session. Yay!!!

Postscript for you all: 

Do you need more adorable baby photos in your life? Please jump on over to Instagram and follow me there for daily cuteness! #willowbabydaily

Do you have a little one on the way? Or little ones already that are needing photos by yours truly?  I would love to take beautiful, heirloom photos of your family! 

It's never too early to contact me about a future session - booking is usually done months in advance! 617-480-0387 or cwy@willowbabystudios.com  

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