Miss S||Cambridge, MA, Family Photography

Miss S, two and very very busy indeed, stood still for just a few little seconds during our photo session: mostly, when she was intrigued by some fuzzy stickers I'd brought along, but also when proudly showing me her belly button! Watching her intense focus with the stickers was pretty cute, but the belly  accomplishment topped it without question. Evidence:cambridge_ma_family_photography-01

Her parents had never had an official photo session taken, so they were thrilled when they won this session at a local auction last spring.

As a momma myself, this moment is one that feels so ubiquitous and endearing..... cambridge_ma_family_photography-06To the darling Miss S and her lovely family - I'm so thrilled you won this session at the auction, and I had the opportunity to be your very first photographer!  Happy November!cambridge_ma_family_photography-03



Postscript for you all: 

Do you need beautiful photos of your small people? I would love to take them!  It’s never too early to contact me about a future session – I often schedule a few months out – 617-480-0387 or cwy@willowbabystudios.com  

Also,  for extra cuteness in your life, please jump on over to Instagram and follow me there to see a little darling every day!  #willowbabydaily

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