Sweet Eloise || Newborn photography, Waltham, MA

Many years ago, her parents met while jumping on trampolines!  And now they are bringing that same enthusiasm, joy and energy to their adorable little bundle - Miss Elosie. waltham-ma-newborn-photography-01

Little darling, at just 7 days old, gave me some soulful stares before easily drifting off to sleep.  Her mom is a lover of bright colors, so we played around with my various swaddles & headbands for awhile, the vibrant blues and pinks playing beautifully against Ellie's skin.  waltham-ma-newborn-photography-02

We then had her don a very special vintage bonnet, that her mom had worn home from the hospital as a newborn.  I love when grandmas save these treasures and pull them out for the photo session - such a wonderful way to connect generations.

waltham-ma-newborn-photography-03During the family part of their session, we discussed how they were living the dream - their gratitude is deep, which made them even more of a delight to photograph.

waltham-ma-newborn-photography-06To the adored and adorable Eloise, welcome!  The world is happy to have you here.  To her parents - thank you for brining me in to capture the beginning of your family journey.  It is such an honor!




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