Chilly winds, warm bath....

With enough snow to rival what I remember from wild winters of my childhood in Vermont, and a wind chill in the negatives, there was really only one reasonable place to take photographs today (indoors).  And only one logical subject: My sweet little guy, almost five, who always protests his bath time and yet never wants to get out once he's started...


One of his favorite tub games is "Pizza shop", wherein he fills a little cup with water, and then one of those tiny sponges that you get in a set of 6 dissolvable capsules - in this case, trains and common creatures - and then hands me a "box" of pizza.


I take one cup off the top of another, and see my "pizza" (water) and then act shocked and dismayed that there is a spongey squirrel or caboose in it. This cracks him up beyond reason, and we do it over, and over, and over again.  Until one time I call to order my pizza and he informs me "the phone isn't working because the electricity is out" after which he flips the drain switch up and down a few times and declares it fixed.


Here's to bath time joy, and after-bath snuggles.... to five year old silliness and imagination.... to dreading more snow days, yet knowing when they come I will find plenty of goodness in another day with my little guy.