A Dalliance with the Daffodils | Gorgeous Family Photography, Arlington, MA

I'll start off by saying that I love this family!  I had the privilege of photographing the family at baby Emily's newborn session last August (see that adorable-ness here) and by last winter, her momma was already scheming up this spring's family portrait session!  Emily's dad is in the know about some gorgeous fields of daffodils, so we all waited, (somewhat) patiently, until a weekend when most of them were at their peak.  Then Emily, her big sister Maddie, and their parents put on their Easter finest and bravely ventured out into a rather wet, tick-infested* field.  Maddie, a classic 3 year old, had smiles and grumpy faces galore - loving the photo session one minute, completely over it the next.  Emily had a great time showing off her waving skills, and momma and daddy were ever patient and adventurous.  They even broke into a great silly dance to entertain Emily while we took some solo photos of her.  I had such a fun morning with you all!  Enjoy your sneak peak! *we found this out mid-session, after we easily spotted two ticks on dad's khaki pants.  Luckily no one was bit!


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