Baby Gabriella

Super cutie Gabriella fought off sleep for quite awhile, requesting lots of nursing time with Mommy, rocking time with Daddy, and snuggle time with Grandma.  Which was absolutely fine, because it gave me time to capture more of this sweet and good-natured family interacting.  Gabriella's daddy definitely won - three times over!! - the "Not Freaking Out When Getting Peed on Award".  Grandma and Mommy couldn't stop laughing at him, as he calmly decided he should probably go change.  When Gabriella finally went so sleep, she rewarded us with such adorable squishy lips and tiny fingers curled just so, that it was well worth the wait. Gabriella's Mommy's native language is Spanish, and so this lucky little sweetie we be raised bilingual.  (I've always thought that is one of the nicest gifts you can give a child!)

Muchas gracias a la familia de Gabriella.  Estoy muy contenta a ser parte de este nuevo tiempo de su vida.

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