Six Weeks of Owen||Boston newborn photographer travels

Meet Owen: boston_baby_photographer-01This little darling happens to be a San Francisco native, and I happen to be the lucky photographer that traveled there to photograph him.  At six weeks, Owen was a tad bit older than most of my newborn subjects, but it was a glorious time to capture him!  He'd just begun his social smiling, and cooing at him until a smile was coaxed out resulted in just about the best reward ever.

boston_baby_photographer-12Being around for a few days resulted in a wider array of photos than is possible during a standard session.  I was able to capture a more comprehensive set of Owen moments, including the cuteness that was his bath time:

boston_baby_photographer-02It was quite a treat to watch his mommy, a dear friend of mine, as she settled into motherhood.  Her giant love for her tiny boy radiated off her, making her more beautiful than ever.

boston_baby_photographer-13Owen's daddy was similarly smitten with his son...

boston_baby_photographer-14We went to the beautiful area around Fort Mason, in order to capture family photos where Owen's parents got engaged.


boston_baby_photographer-08While Owen was in the middle of his snack break near Fort Mason, a ladybug came to visit. A most auspicious bit of serendipity indeed.boston_baby_photographer-06I have so much love and happiness for this amazing trio!  Owen is so lucky to be born to such vibrant, loving parents, and I know his parents feel beyond blessed to have this perfect little boy as their son.




Congratulations, you three!  It was such an honor to be on hand to photograph your family!





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