Nathaniel, or, rather, Baby Nate, had a two part session - one at fifteen days, attended by his Momma and one of his doting grandmas, and the second just a few days ago, at a time his Daddy could be part of a few photos.  Hoo boy, does Nate have the cutest, squishiest lips I've ever seen!  He snoozed away while being moved from beanbag, to crate, to bed, where he got to snuggle with his momma while I snapped away.  During a little break, Grandma, blanket-creator-extraordinaire - also plied myself and Nate's Momma with sandwiches.  I felt very well taken care of, and clearly this thoughtfulness extends throughout the family!  Nate will undoubtedly be a most doted upon little boy :-) A few weeks later, during the peak of New England leaf season, we got some amazing family shots with a gorgeous autumnal backdrop.  This time the other doting grandma - Grammie - was on hand.  She had the important job of Fuss Reliever, while Momma & Daddy finalized outfit choices, and afterwards, the equally important job of Car Watcher, as a few of the photos had me standing in the road to capture the right shot!   Momma, Daddy, Nate, Grandma & Grammie were such a sweet bunch - I am so glad I had a chance to meet them all and capture these beginning stages of family life for them!

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