Charley & Her Family | Arlington, MA Newborn & Family Photography

It may come as a shock to you that one of Charley's Mimis had not one or two, but four extra strands of pearls in her purse!  Which worked out perfectly, because then 14 day old Charley had a set, as did both of her 4 year old twin sisters.  And there was a backup when one got misplaced in the chaos of corralling the two older sisters.  Both the Mimis (grandmas) were, of course, already wearing their pearls. Baby Charley, clearly a youngest of three, slept right through all the giggles, whines, and snuggles as she was photographed alongside her two big sisters.  She smiled sleepily while having photos done with her momma - rock-star woman that she is, what with having a two week old and also managing adorable silver and black matching outfits for her three little ladies.

Dad, despite getting various instructions by all the women surrounding him - his wife, his mom, his mother-in-law, and his two daughters of talking age, not to mention this photographer, who kept suggesting poses which were a little tricky for a man of his height - was good-natured and patient through it all.

It was such a lovely afternoon I spent with this family, holding baby Charley, being silly with her sisters, and getting a glimpse into their close-knit life.  Congrats to all of you!

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