Cora Elizabeth

Sometimes, the photography stars align very, very, kindly, and at 8:30pm on a weeknight evening, a photographer gets an email from a certain new dad.  This dad may just say something along the lines of, "we have a five day old baby girl, and we'd love some photographs of her - hope we're not too late!"  The photographer, who is actually still up - and working! - is thinking of the following day's marketing work, which will involve a really large amount of computer time.  Like, a lot.  She makes a quick check of the weather for the following day - sunny! warm! - laments for absolutely no time at all that she'll be spending the day photographing a teeny tiny instead of working on her search engine optimization, chats briefly with the new dad to confirm address and time, and with that, the beginnings of this lovely session was born! I met sweet little Cora, only six days old, on an unseasonably hot morning in September.  Her parents felt like instant friends, her visiting grandma so kind and modest, despite being the gifted knitter whose lavender blanket was in many a-shot.  I also had a chance to capture some peaceful moments between Cora and her beautiful momma in her amazing new nursery.  And when she needed a little calming daddy time, he snuggled her up in his tattooed arms, looking simultaneously quite sweet and dapper in his newsboy cap.  It's not entirely true*, but let's just pretend that the session ended when I realized they were all asleep on the bed, and I quietly tiptoed out of their apartment with my camera bag and suitcases in hand.

*so the reality is that I pack about 8 million things for every shoot, and there is no possible way I could ever tip-toe out of anywhere.  Plus, we're in the city, so there's the little detail of parking permits to return.  And as anyone else in the city knows, those things are worth your firstborn.  Eh-heh.heh.


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