Gettin' Social||Boston Family Photographer

goofy-boston-family-photographer Hey Friends!

Did you know:

  1. I'm a huge dork and frequently haven't heard of ___(fill in most anything) reference in pop culture?
  2. That I love organizing things?
  3. That I will make a decent fool of myself in the name of laughter?

So! How do these things tie together? Well, for one, it's my excuse for only recently catching a ride on the instagram train. Which I did earlier this year in earnest, but lately I've been displeased by how my feed looks as a whole.  Following some research came the realization: OH! there are ways to make everything look more cohesive. So my organizing and visual mind is super excited to present an updated feed that I'm hoping looks gorgeous as a whole and gives you some extra loveliness in your day.

So, I imagine that the first thing on this blog gave you any necessary visual proof of my self-proclamation (yes, I was clearly playing super heroes with Finn, and we happened to lose track of time, and yes, the property manager stopped by and I opened the door looking like that - well, minus the duck face), but if you're still wanting more...

boston-lifestyle-photo-mom-kid-sunglasseslittle boy and I taking selfies.... clearly I found TJ Maxx's finest....

Being a parent has helped me to embrace my dorkiness, partially because lack of self-consciousness makes parenting more fun and partially cause I'm often just too tired to care. Have you had any standout dorky moments lately?  Please share - I'll laugh with you, I'll laugh at you, you'll laugh at me, and the whole thing will be absurd and hilarious :-)



Postscript for you all: 

Want to find out how dorky I will be to get a genuine smile or laugh in the name of a great photo? Let's take photos of your family this summer!  It’s never too early to contact me about a future session – I often schedule a few months out – 617-480-0387 or  

And, to check out the new and improved feed officially starting tomorrow, please jump on over to Instagram and follow me there to see  #willowbabydaily


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