Emmie||Boston Newborn Photography

Look! It's baby girl Emmie, just nine days old. Her full name, Emilie Katherine, is in honor of two of her great grandmothers.boston-newborn-photography-03I'd like to declare her amazingly perfect. (I have a feeling her family will agree :-) )boston-newborn-photography-01

Here's Emmie wrapped in a blanket knitted for her by one of her grandmothers. She's wearing a ribbon headband that I actually discovered recently in a box of doll clothes from when I was a little girl.boston-newborn-photography-02If baby Emmie looks a touch familiar, it may be because of her family resemblance to big sister Claire. Claire was part of my first year package, where I get the joy of photographing a little cutie three times during their first year! Now, as a bonus to getting to watch Emmie get bigger, I also get to see Claire as she adjusts into her new role as big sister.

Despite their parents saying that at times Claire would proclaim, "My mommy, my daddy," Claire was so sweet and gentle with Emmie. boston-sibling-photographer-01To get a pretty background for their family photos, we ventured to a nearby community garden. And although Claire wasn't so interested in continuing the photo session by this point, a dandelion revived her a bit. As well as snuggles and tickles from daddy of course. boston-family-photography-05On the way back to their home, I asked Claire if she was excited about summer treats. She declared, quite simply, "Ice cream. Happy."

Baby Emmie is going to have a fantastic sister to teach her all the joys of summer.

Congrats to you four - so excited to be on hand for Emmie's first year!

With love,


Postscript for you all:

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