A True Story of a Boy and his Lantern||Boston Family Photography

For a variety of reasons, this session was taken in two parts. And then for another variety of reasons (mostly lots of ill-timed rain and some baby earaches!) it became the most rescheduled session I've ever had.

But we all persevered, and that proved to be a very good thing indeed. Because, well....

Here's Kavi.

And his stunningly delightful parents.

(His favorite little puppy also joined us. This made Kavi very happy. Another thing that made him amazingly happy? The valley girl accent. Needless to say, this was not just a fun session visually with all the pretty lanterns in the garden, but also quite an auditory experience.... His parents have now had a *lot* of practice with said accent).

The best treat for Kavi though? Getting free reign to explore a highly desired object: The Mysterious Lantern... featuring a little door, and a battery powered tea-light. And to add to the intrigue, this lantern was off-limits until the power of photo-session magic (yes, we adults will pull accents and previously forbidden toys in the name of a happy-faced babe for long-awaited photos!)And when it was all too much, and Kavi was feeling ready for his snacks and nap? First was family story time, with his current favorite book, The Pout-Pout Fish.And that, my friends, is how Kavi rocks his photo session: with a touch of valley girl inspired laughter, puppy goofiness, plenty of snackie breaks with his momma, and a little snuggly story time.

To my new friends: your family is so very lovely, and I'm so grateful to have had the honor of being your first family photographer!



Postscript for you all:

Have you had a photo session for your family yet? Little Kavi's session at 9 months was his family's first.  Any age and any occasion (bath time! pajama time!)  is a great reason to have me on hand :-) And if you want a certain time of year for your session, I encourage you to book early - I often schedule a few months out ā€“ 617-480-0387 or cwy@willowbabystudios.com

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