Amira, Darling||Boston Newborn Photography


Oh, this darling girl! Just five days old, and snoozy as can be. Her name Amira has a few different meanings in Arabic - cultivated, noble, and, though her parents are hoping she won't find out too soon,  princess.3-photos-newborn-asleep-closeup-toes-lipsHer smushy lips! Her perfect toes! That gorgeous hair! What an amazing little person she is!

Her beauty isn't surprising.....  though both her parents were born and raised on Roosevelt Island, NY, her momma is Indonesian and her daddy, Colombian.  Ready for their story? It's quite have known each other since second grade, though their love story started much later, of course. There is even a photo of them in grade school, the first photo of them together, that some friends found for them when they began Amira's baby book. And now, they have their own little sweetie, who will someday be in second grade herself. How special to have known your partner as a child, and now be raising your own together....two-photos-dad-kissing-sleeping-baby-mom-snugglingAs if all that isn't enough special, one grandma was also on hand for the photo session, so I can now present a photo of three generations of beautiful, kind females. The look of adoration on grandma's face as she snuggles with her daughter and grand baby makes me feel also sorts of sappy-mushy. boston-family-photo-three-generations-grandma-momma-newborn-girl

Welcome to this world, little one.  It is even now that much better because you are here.

-Leigh Standley

With love,


Postscript for you all:

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Willow Baby Studios specializes in newborn and baby photography for Boston area families.

I’d be honored to capture lovely photos of your favorite people soon. 

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