Baby Benjamin||Belmont Newborn Photography

This precious boy radiated such sweetness - combine that with his sheer adorableness and he's kind of too much for words:belmont_ma_newborn_photography-01 Baby Benjamin, at a big 3 weeks old, was quite sensitive to being moved around while he was sleeping. Hard to know if it was a personality thing or him being slightly older than my standard newborn age of 14 days or less. This didn't deter me from capturing him and his adorable expressions and features: raised hands next to his face and perfectly formed widow's peak...   belmont_ma_newborn_photography-02

Sweet eyelashes and a perfect nose... belmont_ma_newborn_photography-03Smushy, kissable lips and the hope for inherited musical sensibilities....belmont_ma_newborn_photography-04To Benjamin Charles, and his lovely parents - thank you for the privilege of being the first photographer to capture your young family! I can't wait to take more photos soon!belmont_ma_newborn_photography-05

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