Leif Turns One!||Somerville, MA Family Photography

Leif, pronounced "Life" has been my most regular dose of baby over the past 7 months. His mom, Anna, and I frequently share a booth while we both while away hours working from our "coffeeshop office" together. The biggest difference between her workflow and mine is that hers includes copious breaks for nursing, bouncing, and general baby entertainment. Hanging out with them has been such a joy, and doing his first year photo shoot was a dream come true (I'd literally been hinting, subtly asking, and then not so subtly suggesting that I photograph him since I first met them last winter!) So, here's a darling little buddy of mine, with his two amazing, caring, and fun-loving parents. Meet Leif:somerville-ma-family-photographer-01He's really as amazingly good-natured as he appears. Rarely fussy, huge and frequent smiles, and super social, this little dude is so much fun to spend time with. somerville-ma-family-photographer-02Now, if I may steal your attention away from his cuteness for a moment, I have an important question for you: You know how sometimes you're in the middle of a photo shoot and you go for an outfit change, only to realize you have a florescent pink bra under a loosely knitted top? And then, before you know what's happening, the photographer has taken off her white bra and handed it to you, while you stand there shocked, thinking she was originally offering to lend her tank top? No?  Not something that's happened to you before? Oddly enough, Anna hadn't ever experienced this before the session either. But enough about one photographer's absurd (and excessive!) dedication to a shoot. Back to my friend Anna being the sweet & fun momma that she is:somerville-ma-family-photographer-03While Leif is certainly kept busy with all the smiling, shoulder rides, and walking practice, he is also quite dedicated to cheerio scavenging: (a most serious endeavor indeed!) somerville-ma-family-photographer-04To Leif, Anna & Nate: it was such an honor to capture this these photos for you - I loved spending an early fall morning with you, welcoming the sun out from behind the clouds, chasing after balloons, inadvertently risking indecent exposure, and celebrating a whole year of your sweet sweet family. somerville-ma-family-photographer-05With love & gratitude,

xoxoxo Ceilidh

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