Erica and Jack||Arlington, MA Family Photography

I'm here to introduce you to this AMAZING nine year old, Jack, and his stunning Momma Erica! Arlington_ma_family_photography-05I admit that I don't know any other nine year old boys, but I was so incredibly surprised by Jack's sweet and sassy, smart and thoughtful nature. He kindly indulged all my questions about playing football (still, I will never understand it), dealt with two ladies offering numerous "suggestions" and "requests" (okay, okay, we bossed him around a bit), sweetly kissed his mom's cheeks as many times as I asked, allowed himself to be taken over by laughter as Erica made goofy faces at him, and let himself get photographed while being snuggled. Pretty awesome in my book!Arlington_ma_family_photography-01Arlington_ma_family_photography-02Arlington_ma_family_photography-03Momma Erica is a fellow small business owner, and I'm so excited to encourage you to check out her fabulous shop, Wild Child  in Arlington center - a wonderful place to pick up new duds for YOUR family's next photoshoot ;-) Arlington_ma_family_photography-04

To Erica & Jack - thank you for letting me have a glimpse into your beautiful momma-son relationship. It brought me such joy seeing you two together - a true honor indeed..... Arlington_ma_family_photography-06


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