The Bravery of the Rosenlunds||Boston Baby Photography

This dapper little gentleman is Lucas, and he is a is from Utah. But he and his momma Stacie have been living here for over 1/2 of his seven months, needing the medical experts at Boston Children's.  He was born with a rare condition called Esophageal Atresia (EA), "a birth defect that causes the esophagus to end in a blind-ended pouch rather than connecting normally to the stomach"(wikipedia).

Little guy has had 3 major surgeries (and is coming up on his 7th minor) since birth. And two medically induced comas, of two long weeks each. When Stacie told me this - one the day after he was born, and another after arriving in Boston - my own momma-heart ached for her (I've been so very fortunate to have a healthy son of my own, and I remember how scared I felt when he had to go under for a minor tooth surgery that wasn't even two hours long!) I had originally entitled this post "Lucas the Brave", but during the writing of it, I felt I needed to give more accolades to his family. Of course, this little dude IS super brave. And he is remarkably good-natured. But his Momma's bravery is what I am truly stunned by. What an amazing, beautiful person. See?boston-baby-photographer-2Now the Rosenlunds are almost ready to return home! Stacie called me a few weeks ago, wanting to get a photo session to commemorate their time in Boston. Her mom has come for many helpful visits, and she joined us for photos near's Stacie hugging her little guy during an outfit change, and one of his major surgery scars is you, Rosenlund Family, for the remarkable honor of being Lucas' first photographer. I am so very happy that your little one is healthy, and you'll be able to return home soon.



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