Daddies-to-Be: Andrew and Brian||Boston MA Family Photography

When I arrived at their home for our photo session, Andrew & Brian had a bunch of outfit options laid out for me to see - including a different pair of amazing socks to go with each one. The effort and dedication they put into this photo shoot was impressive - and second only to how much fun we had taking the photos, I dare say!

Andrew and Brian are a brilliant, fun-loving and easy-going couple - and they're ready for a baby! As they've worked through the adoption process, it became clear that they needed some updated photos to show off their wonderful personalities on their adoptive parent's profile. So the three of us set to made my job really easy. I love these guys!boston-family-photography-02


boston-family-photography-04We all scoffed at the idea of taking overly "cutesy" photos, and yet, somehow we ended up with this. It was, initially at least, organic. I suppose when folks have such a great sock collection, it's basically inevitable. boston-family-photography-05The love and mutual respect this couple has for each other is clear. I can't wait to see them move forward on their journey towards parenthood!boston-family-photography-06Andrew and Brian, you guys will make amazing dads! Thank you so much for the honor of helping you - we'll be booking your newborn session before we know it!



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