Frolicking with Isla||Boston Children's Photographer

May your mind forever sparkle like a star, your heart remain pure as new fallen snow. And your spirit forever sense the wonderment of a child.   -Mary Summer Rain

Oh, goodness! Spending a gorgeous spring evening with this darling and her amazing mom? Pretty ideal.

My son and I met Isla and her mom last fall, and I've been - kindly nudging (or perhaps sweetly harassing? ;-) ) - them to do a session ever since. Lucky for me, after a month or two of rescheduling because the weather was refusing not to rain - or snow! - on our chosen session days, we got a beautiful gift from mother nature last week - I couldn't have asked for a more perfect evening for outdoor silliness with this cutie.


Sweetpea made a small bouquet, and after playing with it for a bit, presented it to me as a gift. I swear, Isla's mom picked her dress out to intentionally match the tiny flowers surrounding us. Although, it's a little hard to focus on that perfect coincidence with those gorgeous blue eyes distracting me.....Isla's mom is so sweet with her daughter - playful and silly, and completely enraptured with her. And clearly, Isla adores her mom so much - I captured so many amazingly cute interactions between the two of them, it was really hard to choose which to share!The one below won me over because of the way Isla's hand holds her mom's head in place as she smooches her. Kind of hard to take the sweetness over here.....My takeaway? The rescheduling couldn't have worked out better - what a wonderful evening with a fabulous duo. I'm so happy I had the chance to capture all these moments of you two!



Postscript for you all:

Are you a single momma? I can't encourage you strongly enough to grab a photo session - I know there's all sorts of extra scheduling considerations, but having the very special one-on-one relationship between one parent and one kid captured is truly energizing, and, dare I say, downright magical. I often schedule a few months out, so please call me soon and I'll take good care of you, single mommas!

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