Mini-Minis||Boston Child and Family Photography Mini-Sessions

Okay!  I can't really say enough happy things about last Saturday's mini sessions. The fabulous Erica, owner of the kid's boutique Wild Child in Arlington Center, kindly agreed to host me, my big ol' lighting kit, and a whole bunch of adorable kiddos and families.

Fair warning: I use accolades such as "cute"and "adorable" a lot. You're welcome to imagine me clapping or squealing as I introduce each kiddo. It would be pretty accurate ;-)

I had such a fun day, catching up with some lovely families I've previously photographed, and meeting some new cutie-patooties. One sweetpea that I first met as a super sleepy newborn is now almost 2 years old, and.... well... take a peek below.... See the dashing fellow below in the suspenders? I was called to take photos for the first time when he was just a teeny little newborn. Four sessions later, and this trio continues to blow my mind with how much they rock each shoot!The next silly kiddo is six, and she is so much fun. It wasn't hard to figure out where she gets in from - her parents kept being so goofy - especially dad - while she was having her picture taken, and cracking her up.I met the duo below when little dude wasn't even sitting up yet. And now? Look at those goofy siblings with their darling curls.....The handsome pants below? That smiley guy was just crawling when I last saw him, and now he is a proud big brother of little sister that wins a baby-hair award.These goofballs were so giggly and fun, as are their parents, who snuck into a couple photos too, in all their grinning glory. (Seriously, the whole family has such amazing smiles!)Ackkkk! This duo! I met these identical boys as tiny newborns, and now they are sitting, standing and generally not staying still or in the same place as one another for longer than a few seconds! At nine months, photographing them proved much mor challenging... luckily their clever momma brought some backup/wrangling assistance in the form of their doting grandpa. First time I had the pleasure of meeting this cutie below. She was...skeptical... about being in photos alone, but between her momma's soothing and her daddy singing sweet and silly songs, we managed to convince her to share some smiles. Another big brother below, whom I saw last as a barely walking little dude years ago! He is now quite the stylish five year old, having picked out his awesome blue frames himself. His 2 year old sister has an awesome toothy little grin, and also expertly rocked the flower crown.  Goodness! Then there's these two! Again, I met big sister many minis ago, and now she is big sistering like a champ. It's so much fun for me to see these kiddos get bigger! Oh goodness. Are you ready for this little lady? Her smirk is out of this world, and looking at the photo of her sitting on the wood box with her little legs swinging down just about blows the cuteness meter for me.

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