Sam Turns One!! || Milton, Ma Family Photography

Meet Sam:milton_ma_first_birthday_photographs-01He's quite the go-getter, walking around on his own already. And while he may still welcome a little help with slide prep, life is pretty great for this little guy.milton_ma_first_birthday_photographs-02Especially with these two awesome mommies, who seriously know how to throw a party!milton_ma_first_birthday_photographs-04

Personalized all-stars for each of Sam's little buddies and this gorgeous Dr. Seuss cake....milton_ma_first_birthday_photographs-03.... which is, of course, in honor of Sam's first birthday!  First birthday means first cake!  Ready for it?milton_ma_first_birthday_photographs-05What began as tentative exploration by a daper gentleman in a bowtie soon became a total immersion into the world of sugary goodness!milton_ma_first_birthday_photographs-06milton_ma_first_birthday_photographs-07Yay for Sam!  Yay for cake!!!milton_ma_first_birthday_photographs-1

milton_ma_first_birthday_photographs-09And of course, there's really only one thing to do after that kind of interaction with one's cake....milton_ma_first_birthday_photographs-011After bath time and making his rounds of goodbyes, it was time for the birthday boy to sleep off some of the sugar. (Little did he know that while he was sleeping, his mommies were getting a head start on some of the present unwrapping.)milton_ma_first_birthday_photographs-012Happy Birthday, Sam!! Thanks for inviting me to your party!




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