Joshua & Jacob ||Arlington Twin Newborn Photography

Here's Joshua: arlington_ma_twin_newborn_photography-01

arlington_ma_twin_newborn_photography-05And now, introducing Jacob:arlington_ma_twin_newborn_photography-02arlington_ma_twin_newborn_photography-06I had the privilege of photographing these identical cuties last week. The little brothers were very much comforted by each other, snuggling and snoozing best when cozied up together. The boys, completely identical with nary a birthmark as a difference, keep everyone guessing... arlington_ma_twin_newborn_photography-03

....except for their momma....


Their momma emitted calm, so despite nearby construction noise, the master bedroom was quite peaceful. The boys snoozed to the relaxing sounds of classical (Christmas!) music, which was extra beautiful after not having heard it for months. Although she didn't join us for the photo shoot, canine big sister, Maggie, did let me get a few shots of her as she lay sunning in the study. arlington_ma_twin_newborn_photography-07Welcome, Misters Jacob & Joshua! It was so wonderful photographing you two! A big congratulations to the whole family!arlington_ma_twin_newborn_photography-04






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