Momma-in-waiting||Arlington, MA Maternity Photography

“No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you’re the only one who knows the sound of my heart from the inside.”  ― Kristen Proby The magic of growing a person never fails to astound me. Yet another reason I feel so blessed to be a photographer - capturing growing bellies, and then tiny toes and delicate lashes.... arlington-ma-maternity-photography-01Recently I got to meet the stunning momma above. She has next to her bed a small figurine of St. Anthony, the Patron Saint of Miracles - which I find pretty profound. She just radiates happiness and excitement as she awaits her little boy, the already beloved Baby R. arlington-ma-maternity-photography-02The gorgeous and sweet Momma C is on the cusp of 30 weeks. (And yes, I'm also counting down till her little boy arrives, as I'll have the honor of being his first photographer:-) She is Peruvian, and her husband is French, and so their son will have the gift of being part of a trilingual family.arlington-ma-maternity-photography-003I love imagining Baby R later in life, looking back at these photos of his parents and seeing how happy and excited they were to welcome him, and start their family.arlington-ma-maternity-photography-04

Children are love made visible 

-American Proverb

And with that thought, I wish you all a lovely Monday!

Baby R, the world is busy getting ready for you - everyone is so excited to welcome you home!



Postscript for my blog readers:

Do you need beautiful photos of your small people? I would love to be your photographer! Do you have friends with kiddos that haven't had a family photo session? I would love to be their photographer!  If you enjoy my work, please do share it - I love meeting new families.

It's never too early to contact me about a future session - I often schedule a few months out - 617-480-0387 or  

Also,  for extra cuteness in your life, please jump on over to Instagram and follow me there to see a little darling every day!  #willowbabydaily

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