Finn the Photographer||Boston, MA Family Photography

On Saturday, little boy and I decided it was time for his first-ish* official photography lesson. boston-family-photographer-personal-06

I set him up with one of my old cameras, and we talked about the importance of using the camera strap, how to change the battery, how to take the lens cap on and off, and how to review a shot. We also went over pressing the shutter button down 1/2 way to focus. I left him alone for a bit to experiment, and a few minutes later he ran in to show me his first few shots: photos of his favorite page from last winter's lego catalog. "Okay, so, I took this photo of my booklip" (what he calls catalogs, magazines or instruction manuals) "and then I took this other photo of it, because I thought it would look better without my feet." Be still my heart! As a photographer, I agree that getting your feet out of the shot is a great idea, but as a momma, I prefer the first one because, well, adorable little boy feet. I showed him how to use the zoom on the lens, and he proudly wrapped up the booklip's session right after that, quite satisfied with his results. by_finn-11-wmI told him about the magical light of golden hour (the hour before sunrise or sunset) and he excitedly said we should make sure to go outside that very afternoon.

Here's what we got on our first photo walk together..... boston-family-photographer-personal-03proud momma says: he is remarkably good at keeping his horizons level!

boston-family-photographer-personal-02I'm totally digging his composition in this shot!

boston-family-photographer-personal-04slightly soft-focus, but he took this photo for me after I pointed out how pretty the golden light looked hitting the needles. Awwww....

boston-family-photographer-personal-08boston-family-photographer-personal-09 boston-family-photographer-personal-05role reversal.... now I have my own little documenter! (and look how cute my outfit looks from the back - love that coat!)

boston-family-photographer-personal-010boston-family-photographer-personal-01Oh, my little boy! Thank you for requesting this lesson. Such a wonderful afternoon indeed!



Postscript for you all: 

Do you need beautiful photos of your small people? I would love to take them!  It's never too early to contact me about a future session - I often schedule a few months out - 617-480-0387 or  

Also,  for extra cuteness in your life, please jump on over to Instagram and follow me there to see a little darling every day!  #willowbabydaily

*okay. The first time I let him use one of my old cameras was about 3 years ago. Slightly less involved lesson back then.....age 3_2013

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