Henry & Nora Turn One!||Bedford, Ma Family Photography

In honor of Henry & Nora turning one, their Momma wanted to have a family photo session. Despite it being one of the most humid days of the summer, we had a wonderful time eliciting smiles out of these two little explorers! Daddy needed little encouragement to kiss his lovely wife! (who claimed she knew little about fashion and then put together a wonderful wardrobe for her family!) Bedford_Ma_Family_photography-01Here's Momma with her little girl - such snuggly love!Bedford_Ma_Family_photography-03Bedford_Ma_Family_photography-02Bedford_Ma_Family_photography-05Daddy, who stays at home on kiddo duty, has quite the calming effect on his littles.  (And despite the fact that we were about to wrap up the session, and Henry and Nora were both feeling rather done, Momma got some cute little smiles out of them, dancing or goofing off behind me.)Bedford_Ma_Family_photography-06Kisses clearly had to be returned, which, again, needed little encouragement :-)Bedford_Ma_Family_photography-07Lastly, Henry, in a final burst of energy, wanted to end the session with high flying antics and huge smiles!Bedford_Ma_Family_photography-08Happy Birthday, Nora & Henry!  Here's to another great year!!  I had such a great time meeting all of you!


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