Darling Hazel || Wakefield, MA Newborn Photography

This brand new family radiates sweetness all around!  So I suppose it was to be expected that the darling Miss Hazel would be such a great and cooperative subject, asking quite politely for two mid-session feedings, and then letting us all get right back to business..... Wakefield_MA_Newborn_photography-01Little sweetie had an adorable head of hair that her momma made sure was being shown off - I love when clients catch little details that I lose track of.... Wakefield_MA_Newborn_photography-02Hazel was well appointed with many special knits and gifts.... here she is snuggled in a beautiful new quilt made just for her by grandma, and in the sweet blue sweater that her momma wore when she was a baby! Wakefield_MA_Newborn_photography-03Hazel's daddy, who more or less has spent his life near or on the water, had his own meaningful contribution to her session: Wakefield_MA_Newborn_photography-04Doing little stretches right next to daddy's buoy is downright endearing, wouldn't you say?! Speaking of daddy, here he is, proud and pleased as can be!Wakefield_MA_Newborn_photography-06Hazel and her parents were most patient with me as I painstakingly set up this mirror shot. Like I said earlier, this family is the sweetest! I loved watching them adore each other and their darling bundle! Wakefield_MA_Newborn_photography-05Wrapping up this sneak peek with mommy-daughter photos....Wakefield_MA_Newborn_photography-07 Wakefield_MA_Newborn_photography-08Thank you, you three, for having me to your home to document this amazing time.  So happy to have been on hand to capture the amazing sweetness of your family!

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