Ellie's First Birthday!||Waltham, MA baby and family photography

Hello, sun in my face. Hello you who made the morning and spread it over the fields…Watch, now, how I start the day in happiness....

Mary Oliver

waltham-ma-family-photography-01Well hi, friends. Do y'all remember Ellie?  As a newborn, she was a dream to photograph. As a 6 month old, she was a dream to photograph. And, no shocker here... her first birthday photos were a dream session* as well.

Happy happy Birthday, Sweet Ellie! May your 2nd year continue to be full of so much delight and laughter!waltham-ma-family-photography-02Here's Ellie, with her stunning momma, having such a silly, grand ol' time. waltham-ma-family-photography-03It's kind of hard to take her open-mouthed excitement...waltham-ma-family-photography-04Having a chance to explore pink blossoms with daddy? Totally acceptable. A good time, even. waltham-ma-family-photography-05 But once her momma jumped into the frame, Ellie's skepticism became quickly apparent. Her parents say this is her standard MO - she consistently doesn't approve of full family photos of all three of them. It was clear at her six month session, and it remains distasteful to her now: Ellie's preference is to have all eyes on her (exception: all eyes and attention are not enough to make a tiara palatable :-) )

Despite Ellie's chagrin, how amazingly sweet is this trio? I love seeing them laugh together, and the way Ellie's dad is gazing at her momma is so beautiful. As is the joy and pride on her momma's face as she squeezes her two beloveds. waltham-ma-family-photography-06 Miss Ellie and family! It has been a ridiculous pleasure getting to know the three of you this past year. I adore your darling family, and I'm so pleased I was in charge of capturing this first year of being a family.waltham-ma-family-photography-07




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*with the exception of the tiara below, which she found wretchedly offensivewaltham-ma-family-photography-08

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