Here Comes the Cute!||Charlestown, MA family photography

The cute is headed your way, at top speed!charlestown-ma-family-photography-02

Max & Harper are fast. Really fast. And it's no easy feat to slow them down. However, when necessary, here is one equation that renders them "still-ish". Have them run laps no less than four times. Then, get equal parts parents to children, throw in the incentive of small treats, and request their silliest faces. You'll end up with something that looks like this....


In other words, pretty frickin' adorable! I'm a huge fan of candid and giggles, but we also managed to get something less silly too.... although Harper's leg is still at the ready, just in case she needs to dash off somewhere....

charlestown-ma-family-photography-06Making this photo shoot happen was no easy feat. Max & Harper's mom transported a whole bag of outfit options and snacks, while chaperoning two scootering kiddos on a windy & chilly spring afternoon to the chosen session location. Upon arrival she promptly went into pig-tail making mode (not a hairstyle that could have fit under Harper's scooter helmet) all while maintaining an impressive amount of calm. Their dad conquered Boston (Friday!) rush hour traffic and the insanity that is city parking to make this all come together before the sun went down. I'm so happy they did!charlestown-ma-family-photography-03(It's possible one sibling was slightly easier to capture and keep still).charlestown-ma-family-photography-04Luckily, we were able to enlist less-squirmy sibling's help in "convincing" (eh-hem, squeezing her till she couldn't move) Miss Harper to sit still for a moment. charlestown-ma-family-photography-05A big thank you to the four of you for overcoming all the obstacles city living threw at us! I'm so happy to have had the honor of being your family's first official photographer!



Postscript for you all:

Do you need some beautiful family photos? I would love to take them!  It's never too early to contact me about a future session - I often schedule a few months out - 617-480-0387 or   

Also, for more cuteness, please jump on over to Instagram and follow me there for new adorable-ness every day!  #willowbabydaily

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