The Sweetness of Baby Annabelle|Somerville Ma Newborn Photography

Here's Annabelle: somerville_newborn_photographer-01This gorgeous and alert little cutie was a big three weeks old at the time of her newborn session.  A common citation in the newborn photography world is "within 14 days", being the time by which to take newborn-style photographs.  However, over the years I have received numerous calls from concerned parents that were worried they missed the opportunity to capture the newborn stage - and I've always extended the newborn deadline through to six weeks, sometimes even 7 or 8.  I love having another example of how newborn little ones still look for quite some time, and I maintain that there is *never* a bad time to have photos taken of your baby!  Every day carries minute changes, and each moment in time is perfect and challenging in its own way.

There are so many amazing things about brand new people, and the tiny "furs" that covers their shoulders is one that I find especially endearing:

somerville_newborn_photographer-02Little sweetie clearly had no trouble snoozing once we convinced her it was a great time to take a nap.  Her dreams seemed quite peaceful......

somerville_newborn_photographer-03And after a quick snack break Annabelle went right back to sleep.

Hanging out with her adoring Daddy proved quite relaxing....


...and being in Mommy's calming presence was decidedly a great way to keep the nap going as well....


To this darling little one: the world is so happy to have you here! And I am most honored indeed to have been called upon to document your early days!

somerville_newborn_photographer-07Congrats to the three of you on your wonderful family!!


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