Sweetest Shelby||Winchester Newborn Photography


Miss Shelby, at a big 3 1/2 weeks old, had a lot of opinions about whether or not it was nap time during her session (spoiler: it was not, at least for the first two hours).  This gave me lots of time to capture her brimming personality and amazing expressions - so much fun to see such big personality in such a tiny person!


Eventually, after giving her snuggle time with mommy & daddy (which, to her dismay, I tried to photograph, and that was clearly not what she had in mind!) she finally agreed that a nap was a good idea.


And then, though still very sensitive about being moved around much, she did reward our patience with some very sweet snoozey photos.


Sweet girl - you may have gotten away with cutting your session short, but just know - I'll be back!  Mommy and Daddy have decidedly earned some non-crying photos with you!!....sneak peek to be continued......