Sullivan Turns One!||Wakefield,MA Family Photography

While you may not recognize him as such a big boy (who recently celebrated his FIRST birthday!) loyal blog followers have seen this cutie many times before (more links throughout the post:-).  It is, indeed, the one and only, (amazingly cute) Sullivan himself.Wakefield_ma_family_photographer-02Wakefield_ma_family_photographer-03

His lovely momma is just as sweet, stylish and hair-model-y as usual.... Wakefield_ma_family_photographer-04And I love how here Sull is completely focused on the photo shoot from his superior perch, and his dad can't stop staring at the beautiful momma of his little boy! Wakefield_ma_family_photographer-06Through selective culling, I can spin you one story (first photo below): Sullivan loved his photo session and couldn't get enough!  Wakefield_ma_family_photographer-05

And yet the reality is that not unlike his 6 month session, he would have rather been doing most anything else than being followed around by this persistent photographer!  The photo above pretty accurately shows the mild version of his opinion on the whole situation.  That is, until the appearance of....

.......the cake!!!! At which point the whole notion that he was being photographed became a completely inconsequential thought: for cake requires a whole bunch of focused concentration! Especially when one's dad decides he wants to share with you - that opens up another set of ponderings entirely!! (Final thoughts: sharing cake via a messy kiss is totally acceptable).

Wakefield_ma_family_photographer-01Wakefield_ma_family_photographer-07After sneaking in a mini-bath, the main subject donned his pjs. At which point, judging by the glasses of wine in front of all the adults present, the photo shoot appeared over. Except, this persistent photographer couldn't take the absurd cuteness of Sullivan-in-PJs, and we had to head back outside with one of his biggest birthday presents and the miraculously still intact red balloon. And that, my friends, is how this one year old wraps up his session: with just a bit of birthday-balloon-bikey-pajama'd-perfection.  Wakefield_ma_family_photographer-08To Sullivan and his whole family - it has been with such joy that I've gotten to know you all throughout the past year - thank you for this unbelievable honor!  Can't wait to see what your second year brings you all!!

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