Nicholas Joseph

Here is Baby Nicholas, son of the lovely Jenny and Jesse, grand baby of my dearest friend Nicolas-with-no-"h".  I recently had the honor of spending the afternoon with this new family, and greatly enjoyed their beautiful house, the relaxed atmosphere (no easy feat for new parents!), and, of course, this adorable little guy:

Gorgeous new Momma Jenny has already perfected the Face Squish:

While Jesse wasn't impressed by the ridiculous jokes that Jenny and I told to relax him during the Father-Baby session, he was clearly quite at ease having a quiet moment with his son.

Sweet Nicholas slept quite well on this beautiful chair.  If it were a little smaller, I probably would have tried to sneak it into my prop basket to take home with me!

He may have made us work a bit to get him sleeping at first, but he kept at it like a real champ once he was out.  And even permitted some hat shots.

Congratulations to all of you!  I'm so happy to have been around to capture these first few weeks.

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