Miles||Boston Newborn Photography

So, my loyal instagram followers have already laid eyes on this amazing newborn Bostonian twice, because, well, look at him: awake-baby-looking-intently-at-viewer Little Miles, who was actually not so little for a 9-day old (already surpassing his birth weight of over 9 pounds when I photographed him:-) really wanted to catch everything going on during his session. So alert that day, and very opinionated about when and how he wanted to fall asleep. He teased us with many (ridiculously adorable) stretches, before finally giving was entirely fine, because I had time to hang out with his super-awesome momma and chat. I love when a photo shoot starts to feel like a friend hangout - I'm so grateful to have such delightfully fabulous clients! Speaking of which, here's Miles' parents dad is an avid biker, his momma teaches, and they are both so kind and good-humored! Cutie-pooch Ollie also joined in some photos, while his fur-sibling was sadly at doggie-day-care, and missed out. (I think we can make up for it next session ;-) )photo-set-momma-kissing-newborn-baby's-nose-and-daddy-and-dog-hanging-out-on-bed-with-newbornBy the end of his session, Miles was truly sleeping like a champ. A photographer's dream, and surely his parents' dream come true: Miles, the world is lucky to have you. Such an honor to be your very first photographer <3 newborn-sleeping-alone-on-parent's-bed

Postscript for you all:

Do you have a little person arriving soon? I suggest booking ahead of your due date to ensure session availability. It’s never too early to contact me about a future session – I generally schedule a few months out – 617-480-0387 or 

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Willow Baby Studios specializes in newborn and baby photography for Boston area families.

I’d be honored to capture lovely photos of your favorite people soon. 

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