Louis Fitzgerald

It was with so much joy that I went to San Francisco to photograph eleven week old Louis, beloved miracle baby to my dear friends, Dave & Shelley. Louis had been longed for, dreamed about and attempted at for over three long years.  And, just as Dave & Shelley thought they would have to grow their family through another way, this little boy made his appearance in their world.  His in utero growth was closely watched over by his parents and doctors, followed by Aunties and Uncles to be, grandparents and friends, and finally finally finally brought forth this adorable wonder, Louis Fitzgerald. Little Louis is so sweet, with such a beaming smile!  Seeing Dave play with him in the evenings, cooing and giggling, watching Shelley sleepily nurse him in the early hours, murmuring soft words of love, was truly such a joy.

I am so happy for you three!  You are a most amazing little family!

Presented with much love: Louis Fitzgerald, Cutest Baby of the West Coast.


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