In Honor of Holly Ward

My dearest friends, Stu & Jill said goodbye to their sweet little girl Holly this past Monday. She died peacefully in Stu's arms, with Jill right by her side. Watching my friends parent Holly has been the most remarkable experience - their tremendous love, gratitude, and supreme grace with which they surrounded her is nothing short of astonishing. Not to mention the humor and ability to laugh in the face of the pain. So much laughter was showered on Holly, so much joy, and I truly believe Holly knew her world to be a most beautiful one indeed. Holly profoundly changed so many lives during her short one - reminding all of us who knew her of the power of simple, pure, love. Blessings to sweet Holly, Jill and Stu.[gallery type="circle" ids="489,484,490,487,486,488"] ,

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