Ethan & Noah - Smiley Six Month Olds! || Cambridge, MA, Twin Baby Photography

Remember these two cuties?  cambridge_ma_baby_photography_01 Just six months ago Ethan & Noah could been seen looking like this.

And now, Misters Ethan, rocking the green dino overalls here, and Noah, with the anchors (his parents kindly told me to "think of Noah on the arc" to help save my sanity during the shoot!) are 6 months cuter, gigglier, chunkier and more adored by mommy & daddy.

Here's a few of the many faces of Ethan: cambridge_ma_baby_photography_02And Noah....

cambridge_ma_baby_photography_04Watching the brothers interact was pretty entertaining, and quite sweet. Their dad told me that for a long time, he would just find them holding hands.  Apparently they don't do it as much lately, but they were happy to indulge us when we asked really nicely.

cambridge_ma_baby_photography_03My morning with this family was a pretty big bundle of sweetness, interspersed with one bottle, a few mini naps, a whole ton of giggles, and lots of baby airplanes.




I love this last shot of them, and I imagine Ethan saying, "Noah!  What was your favorite part of the shoot?  Wait, never mind, I think I'm going to teethe on your face!"cambridge_ma_baby_photography_08


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