Camden, Part II

Back with Little Camden again, 16 days old at our second photo shoot attempt.  This guy was named for Camden, ME, where his mum* and dad got engaged.  I will take a moment for the requisite "awwwws" (um, yeah, his parents are seriously sweet and romantic). And now,  I happily share with you some photos that were very, very much worked for, by all grown-ups involved.  Yay! We did it!

He's asleep!   Look at this slumbering cutie:

Clearly, the best Christmas present his parents could ever wish for....

Awwww, shucks.  What more can I say about this one?

Doting new momma couldn't get enough of Camden....

...even his adorable toes, despite her dislike of, (eh-hem), disinterest in, feet in general. 

And Camden's biggest present to us, at the end of our two-part/two day shoot?  This sweet little smile, contented as can be. 

Thanks, Little Guy.

*okay, she is from Wales.  So I decided I could deem her a mum, only to second guess myself and consult the oracle to find that actually, the Welsh use the term "mam".  Ooops.

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