Brooklyn & her Brothers | Gorgeous Family & Newborn Photos Reading, MA

Brooklyn's momma brought me coffee almost before I'd finished setting up for our session.  As a third-time mother, she had an amazingly calm demeanor as we moved from newborn photos to a few outdoor shots of her with her brand new daughter, even as her boys, 5 and 7, dashed around, needing direction and, um, re-direction as she prepped them for the family part of the session.  As her sons mussed their hair, broke shoelaces, and debated outfit choices, she quickly set about a last minute ironing project.  Meanwhile, her younger son offered me a piece of gum, proving that good manners and hosting skills are being well fostered at this house :-)  Brooklyn's dad had a similar calm, and together both parents were quite humorous and good-natured as the boys chased each other around the field where I was taking the family photos.  While adorable little Brooklyn was the impetus for this photo session, her two older brothers stole the show a bit - their playing and energy was infectious, and their sweetness quite evident - oldest brother helped his mom up from where she was sitting, and younger brother grabbed my hand as we walked back to their house.   I am overjoyed for Brooklyn to be part of such a loving, sweet, and fun family! [gallery columns="2" ids="785,786,790,789,792,791,787,788"]

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