Baby Penelope||Boston Newborn Photography

You are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars

-e.e. cummings

Oh, look! It's a new little person, the darling Miss Penelope. I think she's here to remind us of the amazing amount of beauty that exists all around. Looking at her tiny little hands, strawberry blond hair, and delicate lashes, brought me such a wave of gratitude for my job as documenter.


Penelope was alert for just a bit of her newborn session, as she was still needing a lot of rest after the tiring experience of being born. Her momma couldn't take her eyes off her sleeping babe, and watching the two of them snuggle up was almost too much.... just look at Momma's face - she radiates a calm joy that is remarkably beautiful. Could Penelope's daddy be more smitten with her? I just adore the sweetness of this moment.... To Penelope - I am so happy you arrived safe and sound, and that I had the honor of being your very first photographer. And to Penelope's parents - it's been a joy getting to know your family, and I hope to see you three again soon.



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