The New Guy!||Wayland, MA Newborn & Family Photography

Since his Aba & Ima (daddy & momma in Hebrew:-) had already named New Guy's two big brothers, picking and agreeing on his name proved to be quite challenging.  No matter - my adorable subject - baby boy with the most gorgeous head of hair - got cooed and comforted to the name of "Baby", and "Sweet One".  How amazingly perfect is he?wayland_ma_newborn_photography-004His big brothers didn't even notice he was sans name - they were so excited to have Their Baby! Arguing over and vying for turns to hold and kiss him, New Guy is already immersed in amazing amounts of love. His grandparents were on hand for the session too, snuggling in for some multi-generational shots.wayland_ma_newborn_photography-002 wayland_ma_newborn_photography-005I photographed New Guy's middle brother as a newborn just a few short years ago, and it was so much fun seeing how two years has turned him into a giggly, sassy, funny toddler! These three hand-filling, heart-expanding, chaos-creating boys are beyond amazing:

wayland_ma_newborn_photography-003There are so many elements of my job that I absolutely love - this family ranking quite high on that list! I loved seeing them again - how the bigger kids have changed and grown, and that while Aba and Ima are still exhausted, the love and humor at the core of their family bonds them together amidst the missing shoes, dirt-smudged cheeks, and nose-dives off the sofa....

The big boys were sent off to daycare, and the house became a quiet little haven surrounding New Guy and filled with the joy of his arrival.wayland_ma_newborn_photography-06 wayland_ma_newborn_photography-04wayland_ma_newborn_photography-07

So grateful to have been called upon to join your family again in capturing this big, beautiful change. Congrats, you five!!! wayland_ma_newborn_photography-01



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