Ollie, Three Months!

Here's Baby Oliver, the adorable first subject of the newest Willow Baby Studios offering: A Year of Loveliness.  I first photographed Ollie as a tiny little newborn.  And now, a few short months later, I spent another afternoon with him and his momma, ready to capture this new adorable phase of his life.  Is there anything more stunningly cute than the over-the-top-can't-contain-this-joy smile of a three month old?  For fun, I paired a few photos of newborn vs three months below.  It truly is amazing how much babies grow and change in just a small snippet of time.  Baby Ollie, it is an honor to photograph your first year!  I can't wait for our six month shoot!
Want to find out more about the newest Willow Baby Studios offering?                                           Click A Year of Loveliness - Willow Baby Studios First Year Package  for more information.


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